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Your gateway to a healthier life

Everything you need to regain your quality of life is in one place and is easier than you imagine.

All-Inclusive Experience

Your Bariatric Surgery will feel more like a vacation than a hospital admission with our all-inclusive packages.

Get Clear Communication

Whether in English or Spanish, our entire team is ready and certified to provide you with certainty and clarity about your process.


You will have private transportation service from Texas to your hotel and from the hotel to the clinic.

Comfortable Lodging

Prepare before your surgery in one of the most comfortable hotels in Piedras Negras.

Medical Fees

Your surgery price includes all Medical Professional fees, this includes surgeons, anesthesiologists, psycologist, nutricionist, nurses and medical staff.

Clinic / Hospital

Clinica de Especialidades at Piedras Negras is prepare to host your bariatric surgery with state of the art equipment and facilities

Get rid of the overweight safely and sustainably

Choosing to undergo surgery doesn’t have to be an overwhelming decision; the most important thing is to consider your health and how you are living each day of your life.
Bariatric Surgery represents, for many patients, the opportunity to live the life they had always wanted to experience, pursue hobbies that were out of reach, and achieve the physical health they had not been able to find. You can become a survivor of obesity.

Excellent doctor, straightforward, with a great ability to put himself in the patient’s perspective, responsible, and very warm. I was lucky to be his patient.

Ángeles Elizalde

Excellent doctor, very professional, and very friendly. Regarding my mom’s surgery, everything went very well. 👍🏼

Betty Guzmán

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost depends on the type of bariatric surgery you might require and can range from USD 5,400 to USD 8,400 with our team. These prices include transportation, accommodation, medical fees, materials, hospital expenses, and more. If you want to know the options in detail, send a WhatsApp message to our coordinator at (878) 115 7532

As I always tell our patients, ‘The ideal surgery for the ideal patient’ depends on your clinical condition and what you truly need; we can find a viable option for you. The most important thing is to determine if you are a candidate and what the best option is.

Bariatric surgery is successful in 95% of cases; the remaining 5% depends primarily on the patient’s commitment and follow-up after surgery. As we have mentioned, sticking to the nutritional plan and lifestyle changes will determine the chances of success.

Like any surgical procedure, it can bring changes to your body. Among the most common but not mandatory side effects are nausea and vomiting, discomfort when eating heavy foods, ‘Dumping Syndrome,’ changes in bowel habits, and nutritional deficiencies, among others.

The most important thing to consider is that each patient is different, and the type of surgery has different implications. Remember that there are options available to reduce these discomforts for each symptom

The answer is YES you can gain weight after surgery. This happens when patients do not follow their nutritional plans, change or resume bad eating habits, consume more than they need, or, in some cases, develop psychological disorders that prevent them from continuing with their nutritional plan. That’s why when you undergo bariatric surgery with us, it includes psychological and nutritional follow-up for a whole year.