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Gastric Sleeve

A part of the stomach is removed, allowing you to eat a smaller amount of food

Bypass Surgery

A section of the small intestine is joined together to allow food to pass directly.

SADIS Surgery

Combines surgical components that allow patients to maximize weight loss quickly

Gastric Balloon

Innovative option for weight loss without surgery

Bariatric Surgery Coahuila Mexico

Obesity is not just about weight, it is about all the happy moments and quality of life that you are losing every day by thinking that there is no longer a solution, even if you have tried a thousand times before.

Monday – Friday 8 AM to 18 PM


Ideal Surgery For The Ideal Patient

Find the correct procedure for you, perfect for your weight-loss goals and medical condition.

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+52 878 115 7532
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    5 stars, without a doubt. I am truly grateful to the entire team of Dr. Cristobal, for an incredible and highly professional treatment. Always taking care before, during, and after the surgery.
    From the first appointment, everything was well explained, and they guided me through the entire process. Thanks, Dr. Cristóbal, for your patience and such humane treatment. Everything was excellent, and I didn’t have any pain or discomfort after my surgery. The follow-up has been super important for me because they don’t leave you alone after the surgery and help you create new habits 😊 .

    Estefany Mejia

    Almost three months since my gastric sleeve surgery, and I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of joy for the life-changing decision I made. I’ve spent years battling food anxiety, which eventually led to obesity. Thanks to the care of Dr. Cristobal Garza and his incredible team who have become like friends to me, I’ve found excellent support for all my concerns. I am very happy with my new life and ready for more results 💪😎

    Daniela Ruano

    Dr. Cristobal Garza and his team are wonderful. I want to express my gratitude to all of them for their professionalism and dedication they showed towards me as a patient! Diana, thank you for your patience My recovery has been completely painless, and the process has been truly extraordinary with minimal scars – a remarkable experience. I can’t thank you all enough for everything! Special thanks to Ana Cristina, my nutritionist, and also to Lic. Belinda for their dedication and professionalism. And to my dear Paul Gonzales, in charge of logistics, I’m sure he arranged one of the best suites for my recovery. Infinite thanks to each one of you!

    Chef Caro


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